4 Reasons Why Shopping In-Store for Large Size Shoes Sucks

Every SSL knows that shopping for large size women shoes is a hassle, to say the least. What could be possibly worse than shopping online? Shopping In-Store, of course! Here are 4 reasons why shoe shopping is a less than desirable experience for SSLs:

  1. They never have your size.

A lot of retailers either don’t carry size beyond a women’s 10 or sell out of larger sizes quickly. If they do, they might be the most unattractive, gaudy shoes that no one else wanted.

  1. Sales Clerks are sometimes useless.

After you tell them the size that you’re looking for, they just are completely too dumbfounded to be of much help. “Um, I think we have some of those shoes, but you’ll just have to look around to find them.” When you hear those words, that’s your cue to go online.

    3.  You have to know the physical store’s shipment times.

This is a job in itself. Not only do you have to get to know the store’s employees to learn the incoming, new shipment days, but you also have to remember those times. It’s some work to plan your budget and calendar around those shipment days. But when those new shipments come in, you get your WHOLE Shoe Life!

  1. The selection is terrible.

Why do they always have to have those tiny back wall spaces for 10+ sizes? It’s so isolated from the other shoes that everyone knows it’s the “Big Foot” section. The space also accompanies all the hideous shoe styles that never sold. The only good thing about this is that you tend instantly befriend every woman that you meet there.

Ladies, can you all relate to these? What are some of your in-store shopping fears or horror stories?


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    Reply @lielakurpe January 4, 2018 at 2:12 pm

    I could write a book about what I heard in shoe shops before I opened my own. And what my custumers said about what they hear in regular shops. And even what is answers in shoe fairs when I ask producers about big sizes. Sometimes it makes you smile, sometimes it makes you sad and sometimes you want to smash somebody’s face.

    • Amara Nicole
      Reply Amara Nicole January 16, 2018 at 12:48 pm

      It really is a shame at how so many women have horrible footwear shopping experiences. That’s why I appreciate shops like yours that cater to Queen Feet ladies.

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